‘The Architectures of Participation’

This is the first post in what will be a series of posts on this blog stemming from readings and other source materials in the Fall 2011 “Collaboration in Networked Environments” at The New School. For more Collaboration: Key Concepts posts, click here.

Neoscenes.net offers this piece that ruminates on the nature of collaboration and participation. The title of the reading is “In the Presence of Networks: A Meditation on the Architectures of Participation.”

This piece has one of the broadest scopes of any of the readings in this class. A few of its key concepts:

  • Participation starts at the beginning of life.
  • Social systems frame or comprise this fundamental participatory nature of life.
  • Groups, collaboration can offer an edge for one group over another.
  • Networks and evolving social structures emerge out of our interactions with others.
Social networks such as Friendster, MySpace, Google+, and Facebook are in many ways outgrowths of these fundamental concepts. For example, they emerge and evolve out of our interactions with others. Facebook’s new Timeline feature encourages our participation as a lifelong activity. Social systems frame our uses of social media. In fact, new social systems may arise from such uses.