Oosterhuis: ‘Hyperbodies’

In “Hyperbodies: Towards an E-motive Architecture,” Kas Oosterhuis explores the sea of data that we swim in.

Oosterhuis says that we must train our intuition in order to swim in this sea of data. We need a “hotline” that connects our intuition and logic. We don’t need to worry about information overload. The way we interface with this data is akin to being immersed in a jungle: You may miss details but the overall experience is still taken in on some level.
This process is data-driven. Knowing the rules (understanding the interface) allows you to develop your intuition.

One lesson we might take away from this for social media that that confusing interfaces probably don’t help. MySpace, with its heavy HTML-based page structure, isn’t the most friendly interface for users. Did this contribute to its decline?

This blog includes a series of posts that stem from readings and other source materials in the Fall 2011 “Collaboration in Networked Environments” at The New School. For more Collaboration: Key Concepts posts, click here.


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