Jenkins: ‘From YouTube to Youniversity’

In “From YouTube to Youniversity,” Henry Jenkins takes a look at how online collaboration offers a new model for education.

Jenkins argues that networked culture is enabling a new form of bottom-up power. Cory Doctorow refers to the groups that form in this way as “adhocracies,” social and political organizations with few fixed structures or established relationships and a minimum hierarchy and maximum diversity.

Jenkins applies these concepts to the traditional university system, with its rigid departmental structures. He advocates a “Youniversity” model, in which expertise can be quickly assembled and deployed across dynamically shifting academic fields.

Facebook’s ever-blossoming galaxy of groups and pages are great examples of adhocracies. Did MySpace and Friendster allow for this organic growth of collaborative groups?

This blog includes a series of posts that stem from readings and other source materials in the Fall 2011 “Collaboration in Networked Environments” at The New School. For more Collaboration: Key Concepts posts, click here.


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